Maryline Pruvost is a free jazz singer and flutist who lives in the north of France. Graduated of the CFMI in Lille and the Conservatoires of Lille and Montreuil, she has worked for several years as a musician in schools.

Maryline Pruvost is a member of the Lille-based musicians’ collective Zoone libre, and in particular of Vazytouille and the trio Washboard and the Jazzy Mates. Maryline Pruvost also plays in the Organik Orkeztra, a project led and co-directed by Kristof Hiriart and Jérémie Ternoy. With the Lagunarte Company, she also created Milia, a solo show for toddlers.

She is a member of the Muzzix collective and takes part in different projects and bands. In 2021, she created a solo for voice and Indian harmonium, Out to breathe, exploring the intermingling of the two instruments. Playing voice, flute and Indian harmonium, she is constantly experimenting and collaborating, crossing aesthetics and encouraging artistic encounters.

Next Appearance:

12 May 2025 – 18 May 2025: Research Action 1 / Porto