The collective creates concerts, performances or installations while focusing on experimentation. Over thirty artistic creations express each year the lively creativity of its musicians, produced regionally, in France, Europe, Asia, and North America. Muzzix also programs events in different locations around the Lille metropolitan area.  

It offers activities to raise awareness through concerts and workshops aimed at educational, professional and amateur audiences, in close relation with the actors of the territory. Muzzix focuses in many projects on producing artistic creations in places not dedicated to music or performing arts, thinking of innovating artistic formats giving another perspective to the audience. 

Sonoscopia creates, produces and promotes artistic and educational projects, focused on experimental music, sound research and its interdisciplinary intersections.

Since its inception in 2011, Sonoscopia has produced over 800 events, art projects, educational activities and publications. With their own creations, Sonoscopia has visited approximately 20 European countries as well as geographies as distant as the United States, Lebanon, Colombia, Chile, Uruguai, Brasil, Japan, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

Some of its most noteworthy projects are Phonambient, INsono, Phobos – Dysfunctional Robotic Orchestra and Phonopticon. 

As a collective, Sonoscopia is deeply interested in establishing creative networks with artists and audiences that share an ethic conception of music as a communal element, which will be able to point new directions in music, cross genres, cultures and methodological approaches, from diy practices to theoretical academic research.

It focuses on promoting live culture, finding interesting projects and informing about what is happening on the Czech and foreign alternative scene, bringing together culture fans of different generations, social classes or various backgrounds and creating a tolerant environment that respects differences. It achieves all this through long-term activities.

Currently, it publishes a monthly cultural magazine UNI, runs two club spaces in Prague and regularly organises two festivals a year. A summer multi-genre event dedicated to the unique Jewish quarter in Boskovice, South Moravia, and Alternativa, an international festival of experimental music in Prague. Within this festival, Unijazz has recently started to devote space to activities for teenagers, developing and expanding them every year.