Facing a standardized access to culture with a lack of musical diversity and a limited participation of the audience, we propose to enrich the audience’s relationship to music offer in a more qualitative and sustainable way.

As suggested by its name, Access aims to:

  • access a more qualitative and opened musical experience for people.
  • access to new skills and ways of creation music for European artists.
  • access to new territories and places where to invent and produce musical experiences.
  • access new ways of being an actor in musical creation for the territories and their inhabitants…

During two cycles of residencies in France, Portugal and Czech Republic (2024-2025 and 2025-2026), European artists from the improvised and experimental field will invent collectively new ways of creating a more opened experience for the audience during research-actions and public restitutions.

They will develop their creativity by experiment on different variables:

  • to induce an active listening.
  • with more engagement and participation of the audience.
  • in places not dedicated to artistic and music production.

We will experiment in different locations and with a great variety of people and level of participation during each residency: teenagers in schools in Czech Republic with workshops, in industrial sites with a strong participative dimension and in natural places in France, in an artistic residency centre and a monastery in Portugal…

Access moves away from an instantaneous approach to music and concerts and build up new musical experiences in a more collective and sustainable way. By experimenting for a whole week in a specific place and territory, the artists will find time and spaces to work in relation with local people and networks of partners, that will become real actors of the project

We will design a new sustainable model of musical production offering a more qualitative and opened musical experience for people. Our aim is to ensure that all the partners involved in the project gain skills by experimenting together. Our residencies will be true research-actions which we can learn from and propose a new methodology of action for artists, that put the audience at the very centre of the artistic approach. We will carry that work by sharing our experiences with all the actors of the project through feedbacks and experience sharing, but also by seeking for external point of views, in particular working with researchers.