Matěj Kotouček is a musician and sound artist living in Prague. He is currently a member of the Noise Kitchen platform and makes music in the electro-acoustic duo Thistle, solo as Loops of Decay, and occasionally in other collaborations, for example with John Clardy (Tera Melos, Waterbased) or Freddie Hudson. He is also a member of the AVA kolektiv – a collective of like-minded producers, artists and promoters based in Brno (Czech Republic). He founded the audiovisual turned-band-later project Sky To Speak. He worked at Bastl Instruments as a head of the Noise Kitchen store, directed the Nona Records label, and organized lectures, events and residencies at Vašulka Kitchen. In addition to his own work, he composes music for theater plays (Divadlo Feste), video games and audiovisual projects. 

Next Appearance:

23 September 2024 – 29 September 2024: Research Action 1 / Prague