Since 2005, Simon Whetham has developed a practice of working with sonic activity as a material for creation. He often uses environmental sound, employing a variety of methods and techniques in order to obtain often unnoticed and obscured sonic phenomena. He explores ways of creating physical traces of sound, and of channelling and transforming energy, most recently salvaging and repurposing obsolete consumer technology.
He performs and exhibits internationally, participating in Sonica Festival, 28.MFRU, phonon~festival, Fresh Winds Biennale, Nakanojo Biennale, ACC Showcase, Tsonami Festival, Madeiradig and Moers Festival; has a large number of published works; and regularly collaborates with artists of other disciplines. 
He has received a number of commissions and awards including: 
2020: Arts Council England grant to develop studio works
2017: British Council supported participation in Tsonami Festival in Chile
2009: Grants from Arts Council England and PRS for Music to curate and organise the cultural exchange project ‘Active Crossover’
2007: Grant from Arts Council England to attend the Mamori Sound Project, Amazonas, Brazil

Next Appearance:

23 September 2024 – 29 September 2024: Research Action 1 / Prague