With a wealth of experience in the Belgian experimental music scene, the French alto saxophonist, who lives in Brussels, has been devoting her energies to experimental music and improvisation for years, constantly questioning the language of the instrument, the phrase and the sound event.

Following her motto “From phrase to sound event through all kinds of atoms and particles”, Audrey Lauro demonstrates a carefully considered use of sound vocabulary. For more than fifteen years, she has been performing in various venues and festivals in Belgium and internationally, and collaborates with the Antwerp-based innovative production platform/ensemble for multidisciplinary music projects ChampdAction.

Her discography includes more than fifteen releases since 2008, in 2022 she recorded a solo album “Sous un ciel d’écailles” on the Gent label El Negocito Records, retracing a work for saxophone solo she started in 2011. A second solo album “prose métallique” will be released in autumn 2024 on the Relative Pitch Records label. She has recorded three albums in the last decade with the long-standing trio Lauroshilau, which also includes Pak Yan Lau and Yuko Oshima.

She is also a member of the saxophone ensemble La Nuée and forms the duo Dark Ballads with guitarist Giotis Damianidis. She recently joined the Canopée Improvisation Music Ensemble (C-IME), an all-female, 8-piece improvisation ensemble formed out of a desire to experiment with the confluence of timbres, emptiness and fullness that silence brings.

As an alto saxophonist, Audrey Lauro focuses on free improvised music and is also involved in multidisciplinary music projects. On 23 May 2024, she was invited by the Canadian ensemble GGRIL to create her piece “Ritournelle Reverse”. Since 2007, she has been conducting music workshops with teenagers and children and regularly works in secondary schools.

Next Appearance:

12 May 2025 – 18 May 2025: Research Action 1 / Porto