Lucie Páchová is a sound artist and composer specializing in contemporary composition, experimental music, and improvisation. She often incorporates voice, objects, field recordings, and physical movement into her work.

Lucie holds a PhD from JAMU, focusing on live conducted improvisation. In 2011, she founded the quintet Talaqpo, performing compositions inspired by her experiences in Asia and Africa. Additionally, she composes for jazz orchestras such as Concept Art Orchestra and JazzDock Orchestra, as well as chamber groups including Arará, Love_me, Dunami ens., Paliome and Jungle Debris.

Lucie collaborates with organizations like Continuo Theatre, Prague Improvisation Orchestra and Stratocluster. Through her sound installations like Imaginary garden, VoiSineAgge, and Voisphere, she explores the physical aspects of sound, voice, and space. Lucie has participated in various music residencies worldwide including AIR Krems in Austria, A4 space in Bratislava, Slovakia, OneBeat in the USA, TAM in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, All about music in India, and workshops in Poland and Uganda. She is actively involved in educational and organizational activities focusing on voice, movement and collective improvisation. Recently, she has been organizing workshops on African folk songs, field recording, conducted improvisation and electronic music within the community.

Next Appearance:

7 October 2024 – 13 October 2024: Research Action 1 / Lille