Patrick Guionnet offers a unique carreer into the world of performing arts. Pure autodidact, it is both clown (for circus Joseph Bouglione (1999-2000), since 1999 in the hospital with the association “Clowns of Hope”, in improvised street wanderings with companies “Les Pas Sages of Clowns” and “Articho” in April 2009 he moved to the Philippines with “Clowns Without Borders”), singer or rather “voice player” in Lille different formations (“One DPI” or “Princes of the Universe”) and dancer, or rather “body player” for companies “Intro Visu” (Jean-Luc Caramelle), “Spiral Carolina” (Olivia Grandville) and “Hop We Live Here” (Corine Petitpierre and Yvan Clédat)…

Without proper technique but with true energy, Patrick Guionnet sees himself primarily as a performer improviser always seeking to develop and highlight the intimacy that can exist between improvisers and as far as possible, move the audience.

Next Appearance:

7 October 2024 – 13 October 2024: Research Action 1 / Lille